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Awarded Ofsted GoodCollege is a place where everyone is welcome from ages 14-94, and above if they wish!

Courses come in all shapes and sizes -  full-time, part-time, taster, Apprenticeships and even FREE Adult English and maths classes, there’s something suitable for everyone and you’ll find the right fit for you. If you don’t find what you want here – get in touch

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All young people in England are expected to continue learning until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17. Further education has shown to be beneficial for increased productivity and future earnings. This is called ‘Raising the Participation Age’ and will be extended in 2015 to their 18th birthday.

However, this does not mean young people must stay in school to continue learning after their GCSEs. There are lots of alternatives to school, and college is a great route to a successful life.

Your youngster can choose a more vocational route with BTEC courses – learning the skills that employers value; or a more academic route with A Level courses offering the chance to study subjects in different areas, both routes allow students to progress to higher education or employment.
 All our students benefit from educational trips and visits as well as comprehensive work experience opportunities.
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