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03 May 2017

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Church Road will be closed from the 15th - 19th May between 8pm and 6am (overnight) to allow for the essential work on the station roundabout to be completed.
Those staff and students who need to be at College after 8pm will be allowed to park in the Charles Square carpark (now called Braccen Walk carpark) for free from 6pm each evening.

The council has put in place two specific actions to minimise the impact on staff and learners:

a) Those staff and students who need to be at College after 8pm will be allowed to park in the Charles Square carpark ( now called Braccen Walk carpark) for free from 6pm each evening. Staff and Students making use of this will need to take a token in the normal way when entering the car park.  After they have attended College in the evening they should drive to the exit and put the token directly into the exit barrier token slot.  This will lift the barrier and allow them to exit the car park.  Tokens should not be put into the payment machines prior to leaving the carpark.

 The following conditions apply to the use of the carpark:

  •  If you put your token in the normal payment machines you will be charged and this payment cannot be reimbursed.
  •  If you enter the carpark before 18h00 you will be charged.
  • You must not leave your car overnight.
  • If you leave after 06h00 the following morning you will be charged for parking.

 Staff and students who are present during the day into the evening will be asked to move their cars between 6pm and 8pm to the Charles Square carpark (Braccen Walk carpark) to avoid being caught in the College’s carpark after the road is closed.  If you are running a class over these times then please be flexible in your break times to allow learners to move their cars.

b) The side of the dual carriageway nearest the College will operate as a two way single road during the time of the closure, for residents’ access only. This will be controlled by a convoy system operated by the contractors.  Since we are aware that there are some exams taking place during the week over the 6pm and 8pm slot, making it impossible for these learners to move their cars, we have been given permission for these learners to make use of this convoy system. We have assured the council that as far as possible only a small number of cars will remain in our car park after the road is closed and as a result this system should only be used as an exception rather than the rule.  Wherever possible, staff and students should ensure that they have vacated the College car park before 8pm during this week. If you are leaving the car park after 8pm you must wait for the contractors to use the convoy system to navigate Church Road.

 If you are unsure of how to access the Braccen Walk carpark you will find the map here:




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