Take a journey of self-discovery at Bracknell & Wokingham College

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Take a journey of self-discovery at Bracknell & Wokingham College

30 November 2016


Nick Westlake is currently studying a Level 4 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - Year 1 at the college.

 Nick chose the counselling course to find out more about himself and to find out what makes him tick. He said:

 “The counselling course has really been an eye opener for me. It’s made me look at my issues in a different light, I have found out more about how I work and which I feel benefits me and in turn benefits others.”

 When asked how he is finding the course, Nick replied:

 “Stimulating, enlightening, everything and more than I expected it to be.”

 Nick feels that he couldn’t have completed any of the courses without the help of the learning support. He feels that he has gained academic skills since joining the college as well as learning counselling skills. He stated:

 “Level 2 for me was the most difficult academically, before I came to the college, I had no academic qualifications because I am dyslexic. I was always fearful of anything that involved writing because I can’t write. With the learning support system where I had a scribe, it opened up a new world of learning. I couldn’t have coped without the support system.”

 The highlights of Nick’s time at the college has been passing level 3 as a whole. He mentioned:

 “Some units are more challenging, some are more soul searching and some you find very easy but at the end of the year I think for me actually just passing and saying you have passed level 3 as a whole was pretty good. Even though the tough stuff for me was the writing, I also enjoyed that as well.”

 When asked how he felt about the course, Nick stated:

 “Overall it was good, it was presented well. I have enjoyed all of the feedback I got, my tutors were all very supportive even at the time I might not have felt it but looking back they were supportive and getting the best out of me, and the course for me has been outstanding and I am looking forward to completing Level 4.”

 Nick would advise potential students wanting to take the counselling course to be prepared and confident, to look at yourself and your demons and know how to face them.

 In the future Nick would like to go into counselling because it’s something he enjoys. He has been given a skill enabling him to listen to what people are saying.

 “When I finish I hope to go into counselling and I hope I can help people to help themselves. I feel this course is an ideal pathway for that.”

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