Public Services Show was a success!

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Public Services Show was a success!

30 September 2016


Our Public Services Show was held at Bracknell Rugby Club at their Lily Hill Park ground yesterday. Local and national services joined the show exhibiting their lines of work and offering professional insight.

Exhibitors included: Thames Valley Police, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, Army, Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs, Berkshire Lowland Search & Rescue, Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, British Red Cross, South Central Ambulance NHS Foundation Trust, Household Cavalry, Royal Artillery and more.

Daniel Bell, a member of staff from the Public Service Department at Bracknell & Wokingham College organised this event, with the help of Uniformed Public Services (UPS) students to run the stall, stewarding and helping with the demonstrations that took place. Daniel, said:

“This event took nine months to arrange but it has been worth it. I think it went really well. The Rugby club kindly let us use the site for free. Good turn out from services, schools and colleges, hopefully it will get bigger next year. It’s nice for the services because they probably see more potential recruits in this one day than they do for the most of their recruitment drives. It concentrates all of the recruits in one go for all of the services so it means they can all get involved and everybody turns up in one go and speaks to them instead of over a prolonged period of time.

“I think the students have been very interested in the event and services are pleased with the amount of students who have turned up. It’s double the size roughly of last year in terms of students and services.

“We have had colleges booked from Kent, Bedford, Southampton, Birmingham, Warwickshire and obviously more locally as well. At the time of arranging it last year, as far as we knew, this is the only show to run like this in the country, I wanted something people could come to, see the vehicles, see the equipment and something that can be interactive. It’s much better for them to see the various roles available and various equipment they’ll be using when they get into the services.”

Latisha, a student visiting from Sandhurst school thought the event had been interesting as she got an opportunity to speak to lots of people:

 “I think it’s a good experience as I want to be a Paramedic and it’s useful to learn about all the different services available to me.”

Richard, part of the volunteering organisation Berkshire Search and Rescue Dogs, attended the event to raise the organisations profile. He said:

“I think it’s been really good; I’m impressed with the amount of services that have turned up. It is nice to see so many, especially the military guys, there’s quite a few different regiments which is good. Very impressed with the students, a lot of really good questions and there’s quite a diverse range of people coming to this event. We’ve had lots of interest from people wanting to find out what we do and how we do it and it’s given us the opportunity to tell people how they can support our cause.”

A Thames Valley Police spokesperson said:

“I think it’s very good and I think that the people that are here are ideally suited in terms that they are on a public services course so hopefully one day some of them at least will want to join Thames Valley Police as Police Officers or in other roles. We have had quite a lot of interest, from a lot of local people, A group from Basingstoke, a group of people from Cirencester in Gloucestershire and also a group from Kent. I was here last year and so far it has been better than last year.”

Charlie Bayliss from Evesham College came to the event to look around and get some more experience and information about the public services on offer. He said:

“I’m interested in a career within the HM Prison service, today’s event has been good, I’ve seen a lot of stuff today and learnt stuff about guns.”

South Central Ambulance Service spokesperson said:

“We have had a lot of interest, it seems that all the students are interested in all the stalls and what’s going on today. It gives the students a realistic expectation of how to join the chosen services that they want to join. Lots of students, especially on the Public Services course, it’s important that they realise that it’s quite academic now a day for all of the services and they need to understand what qualifications they need to join their chosen services.”

Bracknell Forest Mayor, Cllr Tony Virgo was invited along to the careers exhibition to meet the exhibitors. He went on to say:

“We have got some good people here, very informative people for the students to talk to. The event looks good so far, raising awareness for what you can do in your career is a brilliant idea. I wouldn’t mind being in the Royal Navy when I was younger because I was affected by what they were doing. I think people will walk away and think I’d love to do that.”

7 Rifles spokesperson said:

“We are 7 Rifles, from the barracks on the Oxford Road, Reading. We are here spreading the word about what we do. The event looks good, it’s quite busy. There are a lot of different military units here including Public Services, Fire Brigade and Police. Quite a lot of people interested. I think it’s a brilliant event in terms of raising awareness.”

Sergeant Scott Urban with the Royal Artillery engagement team mentioned that it was good for him and the rest of his team to come out and speak to the students on Public Service courses.

“Personally, it’s a great day to come away from the office and meet people looking to join the forces. We have had a steady stream of groups of five and six throughout this morning. If they are in the public service environment it’s always good to keep your options open because you never know what might take your fancy.”

Household Cavalry spokesperson thought that the event was very good. He stated that they attend lots of events similar to the Bracknell Public Service Show but he thought this one was very well attended.

“We are the local regiment, we are based in Windsor and our ethos is that we are trusted. We guard the Queen, parade or trusted on the battlefield. In Scimitar tanks we are the eyes and ears of that battlefield, we send all the important information back to the rest of the army so that everything runs smoothly. We have had a lot of interest from students, I think that what they are amazed by are our dual roles, we operate vehicles, ride horses, snipers, there’s lots to do with Household Cavalry. Really good idea for raising awareness of what Public Services have to offer, I will be inviting some people if they want to, to come visit our camp, make it even more real for them, give them a full on experience.”

Leigh Marie, a student from Bracknell and Wokingham College said:

“It’s a good event, I am interested in Casualty Stimulation. It’s been an interesting day and I think today has managed to raise awareness of what public services have to offer, getting more people involved.”

British Red cross spokesperson said:

“British Red cross offers voluntary opportunities around England, but also around Bracknell and Reading. We wanted to get our name known for that. I work with 15+, talk to colleges and schools and wherever else might be interested in volunteering. Students have been coming over, taking business cards and leaflets. It’s been good so far. It’s a really good idea to raise awareness for public services, bringing everyone together makes sense.”

Principal of Bracknell and Wokingham College, Campbell Christie CBE said:

“I’m really pleased to see so many of the emergency and volunteer services here but just as important, I’m really pleased to see so many young people coming in from so many different schools and colleges and as I understand a very long way away some of them.

“Uniformed Public Services perhaps doesn’t mean a great deal to some people, therefore bringing particularly young people down and exposing them to all the different things they could do as a career is a really good idea. I really give credit to the team that has organised it, particularly Dan Bell. I want to try and catch all of the other events, from what I’ve seen it looks excellent. As we were putting the event on, out of the goodness of our hearts, we wanted to let other UPS courses from across the South of England come to a day when all the armed forces and emergency services were going to be here.”

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