Students inspired by Ex Arsenal chairman David Dein!

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Students inspired by Ex Arsenal chairman David Dein!

12 September 2016

Tony Woodcock, Campbell Christie and David Dein

On Monday 12th of September at 10am, Bracknell & Wokingham’s students filled the Sports Hall to hear Ex Arsenal chairman David Dein give an inspirational talk.

Tony Woodcock, a retired English international footballer also gave students advice and spoke about his time playing professionally for England and Germany. 

Staff and students found this a fabulous opportunity to hear about David’s success and advice, whether a football fan or not. The themes of the talk were: Be the best that you can be, having the right attitude, keep innovating and don’t be afraid to stick your neck out.

David commented that he enjoyed it immensely. “The students were very well behaved and engaged with me.” He hopes students take away positive messages from today’s talk.

David states that behaviour and attitude are the most important factors from today’s talk although all messages addressed are key.

A student mentioned that they thought “it was funny and inspirational.”

“Stick your neck out” and “take every opportunity that comes your way” are the messages that kept coming up from student feedback.

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