Enrolment is underway!

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Enrolment is underway!

31 August 2016

Students waiting to enrol

The enrolment process has begun! Students are enrolling at the college with the best FE results in the Thames Valley.

The courses and resources that we offer and the reputation of the college are the most popular reasons students are coming to the college. Parents on the other hand are impressed with our seventh year of 100% A Level pass rate and the fact that we have the best FE results in the Thames Valley.

A student mentioned that she was just as excited this year as she was last year and another student commented on the fact that this college has more to offer than sixth form.

Even parents are stating how much their children like the college. One parent said “my daughter loves the atmosphere and the lovely tutors.”

If you want to be part of this successful college, there’s still time to apply! Start your course this September!

To find out more about our Full time courses visit www.bracknell.ac.uk, call 01344 868600 or email study@bracknell.ac.uk.


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