Police Cadet and Uniformed Public Service students working together – press release

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Police Cadet and Uniformed Public Service students working together – press release

30 March 2016

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At the Bracknell and Wokingham College Open Event on the 27th of February Bracknell Police Cadets and the Uniformed Public Service (UPS) students joined forces. The Cadets who are based at the College were invited to have a stand at the Open Event in order to show case what they do and to provide crime prevention advice to potential learners.


Police Cadet Sam White said ’I think it went well, we all got on together and helped people out with where they needed to go, the UPS students were helpful and they gave me a talk on what the course is like as well, I enjoyed helping out at the open event  and I would love to do it again! Thank you for letting us help.’


Liam Craker, first year Uniformed Public Service student said this ‘The event went well and it gave the UPS a chance to work with the police cadets as they could bring different views to the table from an outside source’


The Uniformed Public Service students showed the Cadets their equipment including their response car which both groups helped to show off to the public. The Police Cadets took turns in explaining to the UPS students what they did at their meetings on Tuesday evenings and the community events they undertake throughout the year. The Police Cadets and UPS students already share each other’s equipment for some of their role plays and scenarios and the College mini buses are regularly lent to the Cadets in order to provide transport to and from events.


Police Cadet Megan Cox said ‘I think it went really well, the Cadets and the students were very interested in what each other’s group did. I really enjoyed the day.’


First year, UPS student Ryan Wittleton said ‘I think the Open day event worked well with the collaboration of both the Thames Valley Police Cadets and the Uniformed Public Services students. It was both enjoyable and interesting whilst still feeling like work.’


In the future the UPS department and the Police Cadets are looking to forge further links by doing some large collaborative Police training exercises.


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