Work placements key part of Health & Social Care & Childcare courses

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Work placements key part of Health & Social Care & Childcare courses

20 November 2015

Students from Health & Social Care and Childcare
Full-time learners on our Health & Social Care and Childcare courses gain essential workplace skills during their courses.

Hands-on-experience is key to learning how to work with children and vulnerable adults. Our work-placement officers have secured 72 places during the last year.

Learners have the opportunity to gain experience in over 35 settings working with a variety of client groups in a range of local workplaces offering Care, Health advice/support or Children’s Centres, Day Nurseries Pre-Schools or Schools.

47 level 3 learners attend weekly sessions, 25 Level 2 learners attend block weeks.

We have received some excellent feedback from the first term:

“She was very proactive in the classroom working with the students, in particular one of the students, who she encouraged to return to the classroom”.-

“She has shown improvement, and working much more independently, and showing her initiative. Her timekeeping is excellent”.

“She has excellent timekeeping, and played and interacted well with the children. She is polite and asked lots of questions

“We are really impressed with her confidence and ability to follow instructions. She shows interest and is polite, and seems very mature for her age”-

“Both girls have worked independently, taken time to chat to the residents, and seem so much more mature for their age than we were expecting”

“He is brilliant - we do not want him to leave. He interacts really well with the children, and uses his initiative”


“She has initiated activities with the children and joined in with their play well. It has been a pleasure having her with us”


“Fantastic – talks to the children, encourages them and works well with the staff”


“Elizabeth gained in confidence during the placement. She quickly developed good relationships with the children and team” –


“She has fitted in really well and is becoming a part of the team ….. good interaction with the children”


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