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Let's keep Wellbeing in Mind

15 September 2015

Wellbeing in Mind

Wellbeing in Mind, a pilot scheme for Bracknell & Wokingham College and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills - first trialled last year – is back for its second term.

Aimed at helping local adults combat anxiety and depression, the scheme offers a wide range of free courses to support those with mild/moderate mental health issues. 

Those who signed up for the initial Wellbeing in Mind courses are seeing fantastic results and benefits from the workshops. Sarah joined the scheme last year and has seen her confidence grow since taking part in the workshops:

“I've attended quite a few classes and I've made new friends. The other day I felt brave enough to make a complaint to my housing association about something I wasn't happy about, which was a big thing for me.

“My family have started to notice that I'm doing more for myself now too. It’s nice to be able to switch my phone off and have 'me time'.”

Mireille Haviland, Rescources Manager at Just Around the Corner, worked with Bracknell & Wokingham College to offer this service to some of the young adults her company works with. She said:

“They really benefited from the personal time and attention they received. They are very keen to cook for one another using the produce they grew on the course. One of the participants is now in part-time employment and enjoying it. She particularly grew in self-confidence and knowledge throughout the course."

Vivienne Bonnett, Wellbeing in Mind Lecturer, believes the course makes a real difference in the lives of those who join the courses:

“I really feel that the project is making an impact. The key is that people are benefiting not only from the workshops, but from being around other people that they can relate to and share experiences with.”

The new term of courses includes introductory workshops, mindful yoga, confidence and communication skills, pottery, painting, photography and cookery to name but a few of the areas covered. The courses are at various locations around Bracknell and Wokingham, at various times, and are free to adults (19+) who have been UK residents for at least the last three years.

For further information you can visit the college website www.bracknell.ac.uk/wellbeing, see us on Twitter @wellbeinginmind, email wellbeing@bracknell.ac.uk, or call the Wellbeing in Mind team on 0118 9847600.

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