Post-General Election debate for college students and staff

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Post-General Election debate for college students and staff

13 May 2015

Post-General Election Debate

Students and staff of Bracknell & Wokingham College were invited to a post-General Election debate to discuss political ideas and to answer any burning questions relating to the recent General Election.

The session, held at the college the day after the election closed, was run by David Constable, Government, Politics and Sociology Lecturer, and Hannah Aitchison, History Lecturer, they wanted the session to address political questions and to help others to gain a better political understanding. Hannah said:

“With the General Election being a hot topic at the moment, we wanted to use this prime time to promote political engagement throughout the college. We had a really good turn out and directed the group to have an open discussion where anyone could ask questions and anyone could answer.”

Questions asked by attendees ranged from ‘should a vote for UKIP be seen as a protest vote’, ‘is the First-Past-The-Post voting system justifiable when small parties win huge amounts of votes but only one seat’, to questions around immigration, NHS and beyond.

One student who felt the session to be of great use to her, was Rachel Jefferies, A Level student, she said:

“I wanted to come as I am very interested in politics and am hoping to study politics as a degree next year. I was able to ask my questions and get my own points across during the discussion and I gained some valuable information on voting systems, the implications of the election results and a manageable guide to the election – all of which can double as revision for my A2 politics exam.”

Hannah Aitchison, added:

“There were lots of really interesting debates being raised, which exercised members’ debate and discussion skills, and has definitely heightened some of the groups political awareness. Sharing views and opinions also lead the members to be exposed to ideas other than their own, which can only be a positive experience.”

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