College students receive Autism awareness training

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College students receive Autism awareness training

18 December 2014

Autism Awareness
The Berkshire Autistic Society (BAS) recently visited our Childcare students to give them training on the autistic spectrum.

Autistic spectrum disorders affect a person’s ability to relate and communicate with other people and their surroundings. According to BAS, over 8,000 people in Berkshire are affected by an autistic spectrum disorder.

Tanya Spiers, one of the course trainers, was introduced to the autistic spectrum when her oldest son was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which is a form of the condition. She wants to help educate society and encourage the right attitude toward this disorder. She said:

“Many people do not understand Autism and assume, especially with children, that the behaviour is bad behaviour, when it isn’t. They don’t have the same ability to understand what is happening and cannot naturally respond to what is going on. We need to educate as many people as we can so that it becomes a natural part of our society.”

Sue Greenstreet, Course Manager for Childcare and Education was pleased with our students’ reaction to the training:

“An awareness of the autistic spectrum is particularly relevant as students are likely to experience this condition in both work experience placements and in future employment.

“It was a great session and also good development of employability skills as they were taking part in external training and working with new people. Feedback from the students was extremely positive and all felt they gained a new understanding.”

Victoria Smith, a Childcare student who took part in the training, said:

“I now have a better understanding of the signs to look out for and the different ways in which an autistic person may think and feel. I can take this training and apply it when needed to try to help them in a more informed way.”

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