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Tim Roupell talks business

08 October 2014

Our Business students were treated to a motivational talk from Tim Roupell, self-made millionaire and founder of Daily Bread.

Presenting to a packed conference room, Tim Roupell talked about his own experiences in setting up a company and the journey he and his business took until it was sold in 2008.

He gave our students plenty of behind the scenes insight into running a business from scratch, including the physical and mental stresses and strains; and he offered advice of how to turn an idea into a business plan and future venture. 

Business student Zach Langham, thought the talk was an enriching experience:

“Tim has really given us some valuable information about the turmoils and advantages that we may face when setting up our own businesses. For us as students to speak with someone who has been through - what we are hoping to one-day achieve, we should now be in a better position to make a more informed decision for our own futures; and by being given the opportunity to ask him lots of questions afterwards, I think we all got exactly what we were hoping to gain from this presentation.”

Ayesha Sturge, Business student, felt the presentation gave her a more focused view of how to start up a company:

“I think his message was that you can achieve anything if you really put your mind to it. I do want to start my own business and will take the advice of learning from your mistakes, getting as much knowledge and guidance as possible and keeping the drive to succeed.” 

Ginette Cox, Business tutor and Head of Department, arranged for Tim Roupell, through Speakers for Schools, to speak with the students:

“From the college’s point of view we’ve got to make sure that our students are not only aware of their curriculum education but also of where this is taking them. We invited Tim in to help get them focused, motivated and to gain a better appreciation of what different possibilities lay ahead for them. Tim has been very complimentary about our students saying how interested and polite they were and that they asked very insightful questions.”

Tim Roupell wanted to inspire our students with his own story and to help them see thatwith hard work, determination, and also a bit of luck, you can realise your goals:

I’m here to pass on what I have learnt to these students. I’ve spent a long time trying to understand why my business worked, why others have failed, what their differences were and then analysing the information - to pass that message on, hopefully inspiring a path to success. For me this was a rewarding experience as the students were receptive and appeared to be interested in what I had to say.”

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