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Students shaping the future of the NHS

08 October 2014

Our Health and Social Care students recently took part in a focus group for the Bracknell and Ascot Clinical Commissioning Group (BACCG) to talk about the types of issues facing the NHS.

The aim of the session was to discuss the students’ views of the NHS and then for the BACCG members to challenge those views prompting debate about some of the difficulties that face the NHS.

Jane Fannon, Communications Manager at BACCG and presenter for the focus group said:

“Young people’s views are very important but for these students, in particular, they are the future employees of the NHS. We want to talk about the problems they foresee coming into the service and the possible solutions, as it is those views that will shape what the NHS looks like in the future.”

The BACCG tweeted the action live as students provided their opinions, many drawing from their own experiences, on matters such as:

  • how are people with long term conditions affected by certain factors
  • how should the limited funding given to the NHS be best spent; and
  • how best to engage with young people on health issues.

Louise Kirkham, Co-ordinator Health & Social Care added:

“It’s great bringing outside organisations into the college as it helps the students to get used to meeting and interacting with new people, like they will in their future careers. For this focus group, it has provided an understanding and highlighted to the students, the issues and thoughts behind the provision of NHS services.”

Karen Maskell, Lay Member - Patient and Public Involvement at BACCG and a speaker for the session, was pleased with the information gathered and our students’ input:

“It’s been great and I’ve heard so many fresh and new ideas. We’re really passionate about getting real voices and engagement from all age ranges, so this time has been a thoroughly useful insight into how the younger generation see the NHS.’

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