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Radio 4 talk to our students

08 October 2014

Our students told Radio 4’s flagship news programme PM about the challenges and benefits of learning new skills as adults at college.

Politicians are talking about the best way to improve the skills of adults who missed out on getting qualified in English and Maths at school. Radio 4 visited our students and tutors to find out how people of all ages are improving their chances of getting into and progressing at work. 

Maths and English Functional Skills student Janie, 45, from Reading, spoke with the BBC journalist:

“I hope this will help to dispel the myth that people on these courses are scroungers and don’t want to work. We do want to work. I personally, am working towards getting the English and Maths functional skills qualifications so I can get a full time office position.”

Linda, 26, from Bracknell, a Maths and English Functional Skills student, also spoke with the Radio 4 journalist:

“I am looking forward to hearing myself on the radio; but it was hard to answer his questions as he asked me about my time at school. I was bullied so I didn’t learn properly and didn’t get very good grades. This course is helping me to work towards my English and Maths GCSEs.”

Have a listen to the show here.

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