Former student joins Nepali Parliament

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Former student joins Nepali Parliament

08 October 2014

We are always delighted to hear about the many successes of our former students and we were pleasantly surprised recently when one of our students informed us she would not be returning to college as she had been given a seat in parliament in her native Nepal.

Former English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) student Tara Devi Rai studied for a year at the college improving her spoken and written English so that she could find employment during what she thought would be a prolonged stay in the UK.

However, a family illness saw Tara return to Nepal and whilst she was there the country’s parliamentary elections were taking place. The political party she was a member of nominated her to be an election representative for them and she went on to be elected to parliament where she will serve for four years.

Tara’s time at the college improving her English was an important factor in her political career:

"When I started to go to ESOL class, I developed the confidence to speak and to write English language gradually and I will never forget that I got to learn the language from a grassroots level.

English is necessary to me because now I am member of the parliament I have to meet with national and international delegates and talk about the political, social, cultural situation of our country.  I practise English with some of my friends in the parliament assembly and with my sons and daughter at home.”

Tara now hopes to follow in the political footsteps of her grandfather in Nepal:

“My grandfather was a leader of the democratic movement of Nepal and he played a great role in bringing democracy to Nepal and this made me interested in politics. My role now is to help to ensure the rights of Nepalese people, to maintain social harmony and peaceful progress, to get people to participate in developing Nepal and to bring happiness to our people.”

Saul Pope, Head of Community Learning and Languages at the college said:

“Tara was such a pleasant and enthusiastic learner to teach and I am delighted that she has taken on this prestigious and important role in her home country. It’s also great to hear that she is using the English skills gained at Bracknell & Wokingham College to help in her new role.”

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