Car crash cut-out demo

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Car crash cut-out demo

08 October 2014

Safer Roads demonstration for students

Students were encouraged to adopt a responsible attitude towards driving when the Safer Roads team visited to demonstrate what is involved in extracting someone trapped in a crashed vehicle.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Thames Valley Police and Bracknell Forest Council's Road Safety Team gave a demonstration on the full process of cutting a crash victim from a vehicle.


According to Safer Roads figures more than 50 people are injured on roads in Berkshire each week, with 5 of these resulting in serious injury or death. Young, inexperienced drivers are particularly at risk as figures show that they have more collisions during the first two years of driving and one in five crash within a year of passing their test.

Tina Housego, Road Safety Officer at Bracknell Forest Council said:

“These demonstrations are important because words only go so far and it is not until you actually see or experience for yourself the level of trauma a car accident can cause that it becomes memorable and acts as a deterrent to dangerous and irresponsible driving.”

Scott Pay, Crew Manager at Berkshire Fire & Rescue who led the demonstration explained how far reaching the impact of an accident caused by irresponsible driving can be:

“People often don’t realise the number of people who are affected by one accident caused by careless or reckless driving. These accidents have repercussions not only for a driver and their passengers, but also for other drivers caught up in the accident, the families of those involved and also for the emergency services who have to attend often very traumatic scenes.

“We hope that through these demonstrations we can raise awareness of the impact of these accidents  to try and reduce the number happening on our roads each day.”


The demonstration certainly seemed to have the desired effect on the attitude of the students towards their driving. Photography student Nicole Rollete Manus, 18, from Bracknell said:

“Seeing the demonstration has made me think differently about driving with too many other people in the car as they can be really distracting and make you lose concentration which can cause you to crash. It also made me think about whether I would get in a car with another driver who had had only one drink as even that could affect their driving.”

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