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Bringing history to life

08 October 2014

Giving a first-hand account of his experiences in the conflicts of Northern Ireland, our Principal Campbell Christie CBE, helped A Level History students to gain a new perspective on the events - past and present.  

Terri Carsey, History Lecturer, has been teaching her A Level students about the history of Northern Ireland:

“I asked Campbell to come and talk to the students as I knew he had a direct experience of the topic that I was teaching them. Giving the students the opportunity to hear a living account of history can make it come alive and give them a better connection to the subject - helping the facts to resonate deeper.”

Megan Butcher, A Level student, found a new depth to the history of the conflict:

“The talk was really good, really interesting. I didn’t fully understand before what it must be like to be involved in these conflicts. I learnt about the local environment and what the communities went through - and are still going through today - and I also learnt that it wasn’t just Northern Ireland that was affected during these times, but the UK as a whole.”

Campbell Christie CBE, spent 27 years in the Royal Navy and was stationed in West Belfast in 1986. Delivering the talk in full combat uniform, the aim was to reinforce what the students had already learnt about the history of Northern Ireland:

“At Bracknell & Wokingham College we utilise all available avenues to bring the world into the classroom, enhancing the learning experience for our students with talks from people who have real knowledge and can bring the subject to life.

“My presentation today was an example of bringing the world into the classroom; as somebody who has been over there and lived through the history, I have been able to bring my experiences back and share them with the students, to help make the subject more of a living history for them.”

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