Bracknell Easter Lecture - Aeronautics

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Bracknell Easter Lecture - Aeronautics

08 October 2014

Our college joined with the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) this week to offer the third Bracknell Easter Lecture From Montgolfier to Concorde and Beyond.

An audience of around 200 listened to Dr Paul Bruce give a talk on aeronautics from an Aerodynamicists point of view; focusing on the challenges that must be overcome to enable air travel to take place.

Using history, equations and humour, Dr Bruce gave his audience an insight into points including; why it’s not difficult to get the lift needed for air flight; how different air craft shapes affect the speed of flight; how and why the shape of a bee would not work as a plane template; and what areas need to be further developed for air travel to advance.

Dr Bruce was delighted with how the evening event went: “It’s been great tonight. We’ve had a good audience with some great questions at the end, and it was nice to see a lot of young faces here that obviously have an interest in Aeronautics.

“I hope to inspire in these young people the message that maths is useful and plays a vital part in an engineering career.”

Stephen King, Head of Faculty for 14-19 Programmes was also pleased with the outcome:

“We were trying to introduce the concept of technology through aerodynamics to students and adults alike, offering a free lecture to our local community. It was an absolutely brilliant event with people here between the ages of nine right the way up to eighties - all enjoying it. I thought Dr Paul Bruce was a dynamic speaker and really enthused his audience.”

Daniel Stevens, 30, from Bracknell, attended the lecture after seeing it advertised online: “I have an interest in plane engineering and thought I’d come along to see what it was about. I enjoyed it and thought he was a good speaker. It’s good that the college has put this event on for free, for the public too.”

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