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Alcohol Awareness Talk

08 October 2014

Bracknell Forest Council’s, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Youth Team have been out and about at our Church Road Centre. They have been coming to the college to inform our students about the adverse effects of alcohol and drugs. The team have given a number of talks to students and have also been chatting with them at lunch times in the Star Café.


One talk about alcohol awareness delivered surprising facts to the students with information on alcohol units, calories and the health implications of drinking.

Bianca Askew-Gallipoli, Alcohol and Substance Misuse Youth Worker, has been working to inform young people of the dangers of alcohol and drugs for almost 25 years. She said:

“It’s important to raise young people’s awareness for what the dangers could be and to let them make informed decisions about what they want to do. At the end of the day, we can’t be with them all the time, so they need information to make sure that they can keep themselves safe.”

Victoria Welsford, an A Level student from the college said:

“I have learnt that I am quite unhealthy and classed as a binge drinker which surprised me, and with learning about the calories in alcohol too, I can now see how unhealthy it really is. I will try to be more sensible with my drink in future.”


Demonstrations were also held showing the students how to put someone into the recovery position. Bianca added:

“We teach them the recovery position as it could save someone’s life. If they go away from today and can keep a friend safe then that’s my job done.”

If you have any questions about alcohol or drugs, call Debbie Coleman, Youth Worker on 07899 063655, email 

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