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A spiritual understanding

08 October 2014

We recently held a religious fair in our Star Café allowing students and staff to explore different spiritualties from around the local community.

Religious representatives from faiths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Rastafarian, Gideon Society, Christianity, the relatively newly formed religion of Jedi, and more, attended our fair to give curious minds information about their beliefs.

Buddhist Monk, Amaranatho, attended the event as a representative of the charity, All Faiths and None (AFAN), and later ran an AFAN training session for our staff encouraging them to bring the subject of religion into the tutor session; he said:

“All Faiths and None is about providing the younger generation with ways in which they can engage in the big questions in their lives and help to break down the stereotypical views of all faith and beliefs; creating an understanding and more tolerant society.

“As an organisation, we welcome events such as this that give the students an opportunity to explore their curiosities about faith and belief.”

Organiser of the fair and Student Services Manager, James Langdon, said:

“Faith is important to many people but the way that different world faiths are represented, by the media, for example, is sometimes misleading. The college is committed to valuing and promoting diversity and we wanted this event to provide staff and students with the opportunity to have their questions answered and perceptions challenged. Hopefully it prompted discussions amongst friends and encouraged an appreciation of different faiths.”

Kieran Price, 19, GCSE Student, wasn’t aware of the event taking place beforehand but took advantage of the offering:

“I’ve spoken with a couple of people at the stalls now finding out about their religions. It’s nice to get the different perspectives and almost an overview, so that, if you want, you can find out more about them later on.”

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