Winning Formula for Motor Vehicle Students

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Winning Formula for Motor Vehicle Students

06 October 2014

Motor Vehicle students at Bracknell & Wokingham College got an insight into the world of Formula 1 from Mobil's Racing Technical Advisor, Mike Frost (left in photo).

Mike is the Mobil advisor to the McLaren Formula 1 team and Force India and college lecturer Mark Tarrant (right in photo) invited him in to talk to students. He told the students what goes into making a Formula 1 team run like clockwork and the huge amount of work and money involved.

Motor vehicle student Lara Pigford (middle in photo) has a keen interest in motorsports.

“I found it really interesting. One of the things I found most interesting was the variety of jobs involved in running a team, not just the driver and those in the pit lane that you see on television. I didn’t realise there were so many people and roles in a Formula 1 team. It’s given me some ideas of how to get further in motorsport by approaching the smaller teams.”

Mike enjoyed talking to the students and being asked questions about his job and Formula 1.

 “I like to encourage the guys that come through a more vocational level of education. Many of the people in Formula 1 don’t have degree backgrounds and have to work their way up through hard work and dedication.”

“I come from a background of college and an Apprenticeship so it’s always possible. I’ve been doing this for six years and spend nearly half the year travelling with the teams. It’s very rewarding and for students interested in mechanics, cars or motorsport in general it’s a dream job. I hope I’ve sowed some seeds of ambition and given the students some ideas of how to get into Formula 1.”

Tutor Mark Tarrant said “It was fantastic to have Mike in today. He gave the students a great insight into Formula 1 and motorsport. I could see the students were really interested and it’s given them lots to think about.”

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