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Wild blue yonder

06 October 2014

The college have commissioned artist Nicky Hirst to make a public artwork for the new Church Road site. Entitled 'Wild Blue Yonder', the work will be visible from the approach to the centre.

Wild Blue Yonder

The concept will appear as an 8x25m area of 89 glass panels, each half-filled with a different colour, the other half displaying text naming another unrelated crayon colour. This text is legible from inside.

It will reach across the building's glass-fronted entrance, and bring bright contrast to the Church Road centre's white facade.

Inside, light coming into the college's entrance hall will be coloured as if pouring through stained glass.

Nicky explained her idea for the project:

"I kept returning to the quote 'the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows', and to abstract notions of choice, selections and options - a palette.

"This work explores our thoughts and associations - do people hear the same things and see the same colours? It's a work 'about' the choices we make in life and the memories of some of our first choices."

Colour and education

We hope the abstract display will inspire our students to question and discuss the work.

"The project illustrates a simple concept - 'if you want to be enlightened, come inside'", said Lorraine Zutshi, Senior Art Lecturer.

"The effects of the changing weather through the glass will create changing colours; the experience will be different for everyone - just like education."

Our new college building has become a standout part of the Bracknell skyline.

From the first stages of planning, Bracknell Forest Council asked us to contribute to the town's new image with this public art display.

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