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V inspiring youth worker

06 October 2014

A college Business student has been nominated for the National V Inspiration Award for her outstanding efforts in volunteer work.

Sarah Dilley (on the left in the photo), 20, from Warfield, earned her nomination after contributing 50 hours to local youth groups, including Charles Square’s ‘Expressions Lounge’.

She has already earned a vfifty certificate, and will earn a vimpact award with a further 100 hours’ work.

“I’m well happy!” she said. “Working with young people is really important to me. My youth group made a big change to me and my brother. It kept me out of trouble, gave me confidence and taught me to work as a team.

“I’ve learnt to deal with naughty children, and now I have great relationships with lots of them.”

Natalie Sharp, Youth Volunteer Adviser from BACYP (Berkshire Association of Clubs for Young People), who sent in Sarah’s nomination, said:

“I met Sarah when she was volunteering at the Expressions Lounge in summer. She’d come through some difficult times and chose volunteer work as the best way to put them behind her.

“I thought ‘this girl inspires me’ after talking to her. I really hope she takes pride in her nomination and carries on her great work.”

Sarah also hopes to earn an ASDAN Peer Tutoring Award, which involves volunteering 120 hours; half towards activities like cake-making classes, and half teaching young people about setting up their own business.

“My course has taught me lots about marketing and promotion. I’d like to set up a football league between all the different local youth groups. I’m also planning to take an NVQ in Youth Work.”

Her own business venture, S-J Productions, is an online modelling consultancy. She earned a Trinity Bronze Art Award for designing the company website herself.

No stranger to awards, Sarah became an MDL Deserving Youngster at age 15, after two years as a group leader for Girl Guides and Rainbows.

You can get involved with the BACYP by visiting www.bacyp.co.uk, or vinspired by emailing Natalie Sharp, or visiting www.vinspired.com.

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