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Students quiz councillors

06 October 2014

Four local councillors took part in a Question Time with 30 students from a number of local schools, including our college.

Councillors Wade, Kendall, Mrs Birch and Beadsley met with the students to discuss their views. The event was held as part of Local Democracy Week, and and let future voters air their concerns to the council.

Five Media students filmed the event, and two Uniformed public services students, Ryan Francis and Anna Chitty, were able to ask their questions.

Ryan said: “I asked Mrs Birch what was being done to improve road safety in the Bracknell Forest Area.

“Her answer was very detailed and she talked about educating young people about road safety in schools. It was exactly what I wanted to hear.

“I thought the event was valuable. It’s not an everyday thing to question local councillors. They weren’t patronising at all; they were very opinionated and didn’t hold back.”

Anna said: “I asked Councillor Wade if there would be more leisure facilities for young people in Crowthorne and Sandhurst.

“I hoped his answer would focus more on those places but he mainly talked about the whole Bracknell Forest area. He said that there is enough overall, which is true, but I would have liked more explanation.

“It was a really good event. We got an insight into what the councillors do for the local area, and I thought they understood us more by the end.”

Ann Moore, Head of Democratic & Registration Services at Bracknell Forest Council, said:

“This is one of many events our council has organised to raise the profile and understanding of local democracy to young people and the community in general. It’s important that young people know howthey can have a voice.

“We would definitely like to run a similar event again, and we’re planning other events throughout the year. We’re very open to everyone’s ideas to give students more opportunities to get involved!”

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