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Meet our FESCo!

06 October 2014

We're doing our bit for Great Britain’s 2012 Olympics effort, thanks to a great first term for our new sports coordinator, Lee Spindlow.

Lee, from Reading, is a FESCo (a Further Education Sports Coordinator). His role is one of several designed to promote sporting activity throughout education to create ‘the 2012 legacy’.

“I want to get more and more teenagers starting and sticking with sport. After the Sydney games in 2000, interest in sport waned significantly; there was actually a decrease in Australia’s young people playing sport. As a FESCo, it’s my job is to make sure that doesn’t happen after London 2012.

“I also try to get our very best athletes connected with professional clubs, so they can start to make a living from their skills.”

 A FESCo is also responsible for attracting more people to do sportsvolunteer work, and organising competitive sport.

“The first thing I did was survey the students to see what they actually wanted to play.

“Too often we see teenagers reach fifteen and just stop taking part. I want to avoid that, and see the students getting involved with their community through sport.”

 During the autumn term Lee started clubs for:

  • Basketball
  • Martial arts
  • Street dance


This term Lee plans to start:

  • A 5-a-side football league in the college
  • A basketball league with other local colleges


“The Reading Rockets have helped me by running basketball training sessions, and they’re always scouting for new players!

“Last year the college had no sports facilities at all; in the new building, they’re absolutely brilliant. We would never have got these clubs started without them.”

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