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06 October 2014

English for Speakers of other languages (ESOL) is designed to help people build up their English language skills. It helps people from all levels to improve their English so they cancommunicate better in everyday life.

Saul Pope is the head of ESOL at Bracknell & Wokingham College. He started by teaching Key Skills when he first joined the college in 2007. Prior to which, Saul spent five years in Russiaworking as an English teacher.

Saul, who currently has around 200 students at all levels on the ESOL courses  said: “The courses are designed to help people to communicate better in society, and more importantly to have a better quality of life in England.

"I have had students in the past who have come to the College to study English and have gone on to do further courses at the college such as teaching and accountancy.”

Slawomir Mezyk, 29, from Poland is a student at the college studying Entry Level 1 ESOL: “I wanted to learn to speak English so I could change my job. I want to be a lorry driver and I need to be able to speak English to pass my tests.

“I was a little bit nervous when I first came to college because my English was very bad, but the people are very friendly and the teachers have helped me out a lot.”

Rafal Kwiatkowsk, 30, from Poland who is also studying Entry Level 1 ESOL said: “It’simportant for me to be able to speak English for my job as a delivery driver. The college isvery nice inside and I have picked up lots of words and phrases from the course that I have been able to use outside of college.”

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