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Get ready for summer!

06 October 2014

Learning a new language is about more than just knowing your ‘hello’ from your ‘bonjour’ or your ‘thank you’ from your ‘dziękuję’ and college is a great place to learn in a relaxed and fun environment as Head of Languages Saul Pope points out:

“People often remember their language lessons at school, learning grammar by rote and rarely getting the chance to speak. With our adult groups it's a bit different - we focus much more on the spoken language, and the vocabulary you need to get on.

It's never too late to start learning a new language. We've got language learners of all ages at college, from those in their twenties up to those in their sixties and seventies. Having a mix of all ages makes for a great, informal atmosphere, as everyone has different experiences to bring to the lessons with them.”

Learn Polish! (ucz się polskiego!)

New course for beginners starts 24 April at our Church Road centre

Language Taster Days

Taster courses for £10 in May. Under 16s welcome if accompanied by a guardian.

You can try out the following languages at our two hour Saturday courses:

May 11 at Sandhurst School:



May 18 at our Church Road centre:

Chinese (Mandarin)







Holiday Language Courses

Beginners courses for those going on holiday to France, Italy or Spain this year and want to be able to speak a little of the language to make the experience that little bit easier and more fun.

Five week courses start on 22 April 2013 at our Church Road centre.

French for Holidays

Italian for Holidays


Enrol using the links above or call our friendly team on 0845 330 3343

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