Councillor tries out a Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship

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Councillor tries out a Motor Vehicle Apprenticeship

06 October 2014

A local councillor got his hands dirty this week as he swapped his office job for ‘a day in the life’ of a Bracknell & Wokingham College Motor Vehicle apprentice.

To kick-start National Apprenticeship Week, Cllr Alan Kendall, Bracknell Forest Council’s Executive Member for Education turned apprentice under the watchful eye of Alex Clarke, a Motor Vehicle apprentice with Bracknell & Wokingham College.

Cllr Kendall spent a day at Hatfield’s garage in Bracknell helping service and MOT vehicles. The next morning he was in the classroom and the college’s workshops learning the theory. All apprentices ‘learn and earn’ as part of the National Apprenticeship scheme – usually doing four days in the workplace and one in college.

Cllr Kendall said:

“It’s been a fascinating experience. I have never been a mechanically-minded person but learning how the parts of the car work has been interesting. I would like to thank Roy Hatfield and Alex who were very patient with me during my time at the garage, and made me feel very welcome. I want to help raise the profile of Apprenticeships by having an active involvement in National Apprenticeship Week.

“It was a really genuine experience and I really feel like I have learnt a great deal from the last two days.”

 Alex, who has been an apprentice for two years, and one day dreams of owning his own garage said:

“I spent yesterday showing Cllr Kendall how to service and MOT a car. It was a really interesting day and hopefully he learnt a thing or two. Working at Hatfield’s has been a great learning experience for me and my dream is to one day own my own garage.

Paul Harrod is Senior Motor Vehicle lecturer and teaches apprentices at Bracknell & Wokingham College. He said:

“Doing an Apprenticeship is the only way forward and in fact I started my career as an apprentice. Not only do you get on-the-job training, but you also get to learn the technical side of things at the college.                                   

“It’s important to actually learn how the car works rather than just how to fix it. The possibilities are endless for our apprentices. Hopefully they are kept on by the garage and given the chance to work their way up the ranks.”

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