College students take starring roles in educational video

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College students take starring roles in educational video

06 October 2014

College students have recently taken the starring roles in an important video produced to demonstrate to young people what is expected of them in the workplace and the value of staying in full time education or training.

Performing Arts students Abbie Ellis, Isabelle Pinnock and Perry Power were asked to take the lead roles in a video produced by QA Apprenticeships to inform new and potential apprentices how they would be expected to behave in the world of work.

Abbie Ellis found the experience enjoyable and educational:

“Everyone was so friendly and the atmosphere in the building was fantastic. I was able to relax and enjoy the day as well as producing a well put together video. I learnt that the shots of each video aren’t taken in order which makes it a very long day and you have to make sure you keep your energy levels up.

“What I’ve learnt in college certainly helped me to get the shots right as it helped me with taking direction, performing in front of a camera and improvisation.”

Perry Power also learnt some valuable lessons from the day:

“It was a fun day and a day spent wisely. I learnt a lot about conveying different but realistic reactions on the spot and I think the work we have done in college around reactions and real life events helped me to provide real expressions in each scene.”

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