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College students get Skillswise

06 October 2014

Bracknell & Wokingham College welcomed a BBC film crew to its Woodley Hill House Centre in Earley to make a feature on adult literacy for the BBC Skillswise website. The BBC Skillswise website is a huge resource helping adults learn English and Maths.

Tutor Rosalynde Smith said “We’ve used the Skillswise website a lot in class and for work sheets and planning lessons, and it’s great to be giving something back to them.” 

Roz has been teaching adult literacy at Bracknell & Wokingham College for the last four years and before that was a primary school teacher. She hopes that in 30 years’ time there won’t be the need for adult literacy classes.

“Many of the generation we’re teaching as adults now come from an age when schools weren’t as systematic in the way they taught literacy. Often students were encouraged to find their own way and there was less teacher instruction. There was also far less help available for anyone who fell behind or struggled. Quite often they were not supported as well as they are today.

“I love working for the college; it’s a place that changes people’s lives, from the 16 and 17 year olds on full-time courses to the adults I teach here. It feels great when you’re teaching someone and they have a eureka moment. They suddenly grasp how something works and it sinks in; they often say that nobody has ever explained it like that or made it as clear.”

Roz knows there are many more adults out there who need help with reading and writing “but they’re either too nervous or don’t know that help is available. It can be very daunting for an adult to admit they have a problem with reading and writing, let alone find out how to tackle it.”

She thinks there should be a national campaign “promoting the help people can get on tv and in the press. Something like the Gremlins campaign that ran a few years ago would be great. The fact somebody as big as the BBC is extending the Skillswise website to help so many people is a great start.”

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