BBC 3 Scriptwriter talks to Students

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BBC 3 Scriptwriter talks to Students

06 October 2014

Media students got an insight into how a real TV show gets written and made when than Adrian Poynton, creator and scriptwriter of BBC 3’s ‘White Van Man’ came to class and chatted with them.

As part of their course the students are creating a script that they will pitch as a new BBC 3 show. Who better then, than Adrian, to talk to them about what’s involved in writing a great script and getting that to screen. 

Tutor Diane Allen invited Adrian to her class. “I knew he would be a great source of information for the students to ask questions to about the process of going from concept to screen. There are many elements that people don’t normally think about, such as the pitch to the TV studios. I think it really helps the students see that creating a TV series like ‘White Van Man’ and selling it to the BBC is achievable.”

Adrian explained what getting your script on screen can take

“ I’ve been explaining to the students that getting your show made can take a lot of persistence and determination, blood, sweat and tears.

“I’ve been a stand-up comedian for years but I’ve always written as well. I had the idea and pitched it to a studio. They liked it but said I should develop it more so I went away and did that. It took some time to flesh out and convince them that it was workable. They put a lot of faith in me and we got it to the point where the BBC liked it and wanted to buy it.

“I think the students can see that if I can do it then they can too. I went to college like them and as long as they put the effort in there’s no reason they can’t achieve the same success. Hopefully it will give them the confidence to try and create successful scripts.”

Once the students have created their script Adrian has asked to read it, he said: “I enjoy reading other scripts and it will be good to see if they’ve incorporated anything I’ve mentioned today.”

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