An electric experience for students

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An electric experience for students

06 October 2014

Level 2 Electrical Installation students recently spent an interesting and valuable week on work experience with electrical companies in the local area.

Student Leon Prato learned a lot from his experience at Voltaire Electrical Solutions Ltd: 

“I found it interesting to be on a site and learning what an electrician actually does for real. We were doing a barn conversion and I got to see all of the other trades doing what they do as well.”

Student Caen Bowditch also had a very productive week working on general electrical maintenance with Maidenhead Housing Solutions:

“I learnt what is like to be in an actual working environment with others working alongside you. I also learnt what it is like working under time pressure and trying to get as much done in a day as possible.”

It helped Edd Hobbs to think about what he wants to do in future after spending time at Electrical Power Specialists (EPS) Ltd:

“I thought the work experience was very good. I took a lot of knowledge out of my week with EPS and it encouraged me to become an electrician even more.”

Allen Cook, Head of Electrical Engineering, believes there to be great value for the students in these work experience weeks:

“Work experience helps the students realise that what we teach them in the workshop is directly relevant to site installations. Many come back keener than ever about the course and their career in electrical engineering. Some have even had the promise of an Apprenticeship.

“None of this would be possible without the support of the employers and so we cannot thank them enough.”

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