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Adult Learners' Week

06 October 2014

Adult Learners' Week celebrates learners in all their diversity, inspiring thousands of peopleeach year to try something new. This year's campaign will take place on 14-20 May and will promote the benefits of all kinds of learning with awards given to those individuals, families or groups who’s remarkable learning achievements have helped to transform people’s lives.

This year Sue Chapman, a student at Bracknell & Wokingham College, has been nominated for the Outstanding Individual Learner Award. Having passed Literacy Entry Level 1 and 2, Sue will shortly be entered for Entry Level 3.

Sue said: “I could never read or write and I did nothing about it. That all changed when I had a grandson. I could never read to my children and I didn’t want the same to happen to my grandson Freddie.

"It was my children who suffered because I could never help them with their homework.  I was embarrassed because I didn’t want the teachers knowing I couldn’t read or write.

“The day I started at the college I was very frightened and almost turned my car around to run away. But something made me brave enough to go in and meet Chris.  I have not looked back since and one year later I can read, write and spell. It’s justunbelievable what I can do now; it’scompletely changed my life.

Chris Sears, a Study Support Assistant at Bracknell & Wokingham College said: “I first met Sue in September 2009 when I was asked to support her with her literacy learning.

“When I first met her I could tell that she was extremely nervous. Normally with adult learners there is at least some recognition of letters of the alphabet, but with Sue there was nothing. We very much had to start from square one.”

“It has been an absolute joy and privilege to be able to guide and support Sue with her learning. In my many years of teaching experience I do not remember a more hard-working and determined learner.”

Since Sue started at the college just over a year ago she had made incredible progress. So much so that she has now started teaching other adults to read and write at the Reading Road Support Group.

“Whatever Chris taught me in class I would teach people in the support group. It’s absolutely wonderful, I would have never thought I could ever teach anyone anything, it’s an absolute miracle.”

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