Supply Chain Fees and Charges Policy

This policy is in line with the Skills Funding Agency's  Funding Rules requirements 2014-15.

A copy of the policy is provided as an annex to the college's contract for funding to every subcontractor at the commencement of that contract.  A draft contract is provided to new subcontractors in good time prior to commencement of funding activity and this policy is included with that draft. 

This document is available via the college website and is included in the college's procedures manual.

1              Reason for Subcontracting 

In keeping with The College’s Strategic Plan, our focus is to support job creation and maximise the delivery of high quality apprenticeships, whether delivered organically or via subcontractors.  We consider that learners engaged through our subcontractors are also our responsibility. 

2              Improving our and our subcontractor's quality of teaching and learning 

The college’s mission is to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  To achieve this the college provides the opportunity for teaching staff to achieve relevant qualifications, integrated with a broad programme of development activities and a detailed programme of lesson observations, peer observations and other activities to provide the best teaching, learning and assessment we can.  In supporting our subcontractors, we will provide feedback to teachers, tutors, assessors and managers on the results of our observations of teaching sessions, one-to-one assessment sessions, standardisation meetings, learner feedback and any other activity we monitor or observe during our monitoring of provision. 

3              Fees (Distribution of Income) 

The college retains a percentage of subcontractor earned funding to support management and administration of the provision at the following rates: 

  • 20% for new subcontractors (until such time as the college is assured of the quality of their provision)
  • 20% for new/additional qualifications and provision subcontractors wish to include in their contract (until such time as the college is assured of the quality of this provision)
  • 15% for established subcontracting relationships and established qualifications and provision
  • Further charges to cover additional costs may be added to the base 15% or 20% to cover the cost to the College of any additional support that the College deems necessary to ensure the quality of teaching and learning and the success rates of any sub-contracted provision. 

4              Supporting Subcontractors - Developing partnership working

The college aims to develop a professional and effective working relationship with its subcontractors, providing support and input on a partnership basis.  The relationship should be mutually beneficial.  For example, the college will work with its subcontractors to improve the quality of their workforce development process, highlight opportunities to increase the quality of teaching, learning and assessment in line with OFSTED, awarding body, auditing requirements and general good practice.  

5              Payment terms 

The College will inform The Contractor in writing of the monetary value of individual learners against qualification aims; and of any changes to the income allocated to the College by the appropriate UK Government funding agency. 

The College aims to provide The Contractor with data concerning the monthly income by the 15th (fifteenth) working day of every month. 

Provided that The Contractor confirms agreement with and accuracy of this data and invoices the College at least (7) seven working days before the last working day of the month, Bracknell and Wokingham College will endeavour to ensure that the payment is included in the final BACs payment of that month.  All valid invoices will be paid within 30 days of the invoice date 

6              Communication

The policy will be made available to existing subcontractors before 31 July of each year.  Potential subcontractors will be directed to the policy.

7              Policy review

This policy will be reviewed in line with our other college policies. 

The next review date will be no later than 31 July 2016.

Author:  Charlie Roberts                                      Approved by:  Dominic Asater, Director of Finance


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