Learner Agreement

As a student you will be expected to:

  • Comply with the Equality and Diversity Policy of the college, which includes respecting fellow students and staff, making sure your actions do not hinder their responsibilities
  • Treat the college’s facilities, resources and equipment with care so that everyone can work in pleasant and safe surroundings
  • Obey college site regulations and Health and Safety procedures
  • Attend timetabled classes punctually and submit any work set by the agreed deadline
  • Refrain from supplying, trafficking or using any controlled drug or supplying or consuming alcohol on college premises
  • Respect software licensing and do not install or run unauthorised software on college computers and obey any Copyright Regulations
  • Comply with the Student Charter that is displayed in all of the Bracknell & Wokingham College Centres. We can send you a copy of the Student Charter, please call 0845 330 3343


Initial assessment and guidance

Prior to enrolling at the college, you received assessment and guidance to assist you in the choice of your learning programme.

This guidance was available in any (or all) of the following forms:

  • The Courses for adults guide
  • Additional documentation provided to you
  • Initial interview
  • Discussions with the course tutor(s)
  • Course leaflets


Among areas covered were:

  • The implications of the choice of your learning programme
  • The entry requirements of the learning programme
  • An assessment of the suitability of the learning programme
  • Details of any financial or other support you may need
  • Details of course hours and period of study

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