International Students

How much will I pay?


When we've seen your fee status questionnaire, we'll know whether you pay Home fees, Overseas fees or EU fees.


Home Fees

These are the fees quoted on this website. To pay these you must be able to prove that you:

  • have been a permanent resident in the UK or other EU country for the past three years
  • have indefinite leave to remain, indefinite leave to enter, or refugee status
  • come from a European Union or European Economic Area country and have lived in England for at least three years


Overseas Fees

Students from outside the EU or assessed as Overseas pay:

  • £5900 for School-leaver (full-time) courses
  • £6700 for Foundation degrees
  • Double tuition fee for any Adult – Work course marked with 100%
  • Double tuition fee for any course marked with 40%


For any course marked as FREE please ask us for the overseas fee.


EU Fees

EU students who've lived in England for less than three years pay:

  • £1200 for most School leaver courses
  • £1400 for Foundation Degrees
  • Home fees for all part-time courses


Contact Enquiries & Admissions with all questions about fees.


How can I pay?

Payments can be made by cash or credit/debit card.


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International students

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