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AATWhether you are a graduate or school leaver, wanting to change your career or to start your own business, it’s important to identify the industries showing the brightest signs of growth, employment and stability.

One of the top ten growth sectors is Finance (based on a collection of predictions for the UK’s 10 most promising sectors to be a part of in the future).

Recent banking scandals have made the financial sector a constant subject in daily newspapers. This highlights the demand for quality auditing, financial analysis and advising in preventing such mistakes being made again.

Equally, confidence among financial professionals about their career prospects seems to have been boosted. The Reed finance 2013 salary and market insight report showed that the jobs market has grown for the third successive year, with 32% more positions on offer than in January 2010.

Meaning that it is a great time to get yourself qualified and into finance and accounting, or to move on up the financial career ladder by improving your accounting or bookkeeping qualifications with Bracknell & Wokingham College.

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