Careers of the future

Many of today's roles were unthought-of before they became reality: professional sports, web designers, bloggers, air stewards; all of these are now mainstream roles in our society.
Let's take a look at what's coming up in the world of work and what's set to stick around. Below we've gathered a few articles that predict what future career areas, jobs and salaries may look like and there's even a quiz to see what future role you'd be suited to!

Career areas

Guardian - Jobs of the Future
Business Insider - The 20 Best Jobs of the Future


British Gas - Seven Jobs that will Exist in the Future
UK Commission for Employment and Skills - Careers of the Future Infographic
Forbes - 6 High Paying Jobs of the Future
Telegraph - 10 Well Paid Jobs of the Future
Career Planner - Top 10 Jobs for the Future
AOL Jobs - 10 Jobs of the Future


UK Commission for Employment and Skills - Your Future Career

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