Creative Writing - Advanced
Claire Dyer Author becomes Bracknell & Wokingham College tutor

Don’t keep it to yourself. Published author shares her knowledge.

Those who do, teach. As demonstrated by published author, Claire Dyer. Claire, author of ‘The Moment’ and ‘The Perfect Affair’, ...
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Creative Writing - Advanced

Course Started


START DATE: 10/01/2017

WHEN: Tu at: 19:15-21:15

DURATION: 10 Weeks

COURSE FEE: £144.00


CENTRE: Woodley Hill House

This course will build on your previous creative writing experiences and help you produce work for publication.

By the end of this course you will have practised advanced techniques to enhance yet further the range and quality of your creative writing and have had the opportunity to receive feedback in a non-threatening environment.

You will be expected to produce some written work in class and at home.

Experience / Qualifications required

You should already have attended an Improvers' course or have had experience or obtained qualifications at a similar level.

Area of study

Week 1: Writing as a Reader, Reading as a Writer Week 2: Literary Devices I Week 3: Literary Devices II Week 4: Literary Devices III Week 5: Life Writing Week 6: Writing and Reading Poetry Week 7: Script Writing Week 8: Short Story Writing Week 9: Writing for Children Week 10: The Final Polish

Progression on completion

Progression to other more formal creative writing qualifications, eg A Level, OU or other degree level.

Materials required

Bring your own writing materials.

Teaching method

Formal instruction, Discussion, Practical experience, Group and pair work.

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Course Started

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