Creative Writing - Improvers

Creative Writing - Improvers

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START DATE: 19/04/2018

WHEN: Th at: 19:15-21:15


COURSE FEE: £116.00


CENTRE: Church Road Centre

This course will unleash your potential and help you to develop skills to write at a higher level in a range of different genres.

By the end of this course you will have had the opportunity to write in a range of different genres and to have had the opportunity to receive feedback in a non-threatening environment.

You will be expected to practise a range of techniques and produce some written work at home.

Experience / Qualifications required

You should already have attended a beginners course.

Area of study

Week 1: Character development. Week 2: Plotting your story. Week 3: Pacing your story. Week 4: Internal dialogue. Week 5: World building. Week 6: Show, don't tell. Week 7: Extended writing exercise. Week 8: Self-editing.

Materials required

Bring your own writing materials

Teaching method

Formal instruction. Discussion. Practical Experience. Group and pair work.

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Course Started

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