Creative Writing - Beginners

Creative Writing - Beginners

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START DATE: 26/09/2017

WHEN: Tu at: 19:15-21:15


COURSE FEE: £116.00


CENTRE: Woodley Hill House

Make a start on creative writing for pleasure in a range of genres.*Please note: This course fee includes the 10% Early Bird discount valid until 31st August 2017 Course fee from 1st September 2017 will be £116.00

By the end of the course you will have identified the key elements of effective writing and have had the opportunity to practise them.

Learners will be expected to practise creative writing techniques or produce some written work at home.

Experience / Qualifications required

No previous experience required but basic literacy skills expected.

Area of study

1. Character. 2. Plot. 3. Setting. 4. Dialogue. 5. Point of view. 6. The 5 W’s. 7. Creating tension, hooking the reader and knowing your genre. 8. An introduction to editing. Learners will be encouraged to share their work and give and receive constructive feedback.

Progression on completion

Creative Writing - Improvers

Materials required

Bring your own writing materials

Teaching method

Formal instruction. Discussion. Practical Experience. Group and pair work.

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Course Started

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