• Where can I find more information?
    Website: www.bracknell.ac.uk/wellbeing
    Email: wellbeing@bracknell.ac.uk
    Tel: Admissions and enquires 01344 868600
  • Do you have a brochure?
     All of the information you need should be on our website. If you have trouble accessing this or can’t find what you want to know, then please contact us using the email address or telephone number above.
  • Will the course cost me anything?
    The courses have been funded by the Department for Education (DfE) so they are of absolutely no cost to you!
  • I attended a Wellbeing in Mind course last year. Can I enrol again?
    This year we can only accept completely new volunteers. However, we will be running refresher workshops. These are half day sessions for people who have already attended a Wellbeing in Mind course to get together again and learn something new. Please get in touch if you have been on a Wellbeing in Mind course before and are interested in attending one of these, and we will be in touch soon with more details!
  • I can’t decide which course to choose – can I enrol on more than one course?
    This year, we can only offer one course to each volunteer. After completing a course, you can then attend as many refresher sessions as you would like.
  • Why can’t I enrol again or take more than one course?
    Last year volunteers were allowed to enrol on more than one course, but this year the guidelines for the project are slightly different. These guidelines are the same for all the projects across the UK and have been set by DfE. We would love to have you back but, unfortunately, this time we have been asked to collect data from new volunteers only. Remember that you can still attend a refresher workshop, so please still get in touch.
  • Why are the courses only for people with mental health problems?
    The research project is looking at whether adult community learning can help people suffering from mild to moderate mental health problems to feel better. At the beginning, during and at the end of your course, we will ask you to complete mood and wellbeing questionnaires to see how you are feeling and whether the course has helped you.
  • Do I need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition to enrol on a course?
    We assess your symptoms using NHS questionnaires, (PHQ9, GAD7 and SWEMWBS) but you do not need to be diagnosed with a mental health condition to enrol on a course.
  • I am suffering from a severe mental health condition. Am I eligible?
    We will assess anyone who self-refers, but we may not be able to accept you if your symptoms are too severe. This is because our staff and tutors are not trained mental health workers and may not be able to give you the support that you need. Please get in touch with us if you would like to talk about this.
  • What other things might mean I am not eligible?
    We can’t accept anyone with current, severe problems with non-prescription drugs or alcohol. This is because we have not been trained in this area and may not be able to offer you the support that you need.
  • I am currently homeless. Can I enrol on a course?
    Yes, as long as you fit the other eligibility criteria.
  • What happens at the end of my course?
    At the end of the course we will have a chat with you to get some feedback on the course and find out how you found it. After this, you are welcome and encouraged to come back to refresher sessions. We will let you know when and where these are available.
  • How are these courses different to the other courses that Bracknell & Wokingham College offer?
    - The courses in Bracknell are very similar to the standard courses – the only difference is that you will have to fill out short questionnaires at the beginning of some of your classes.
    - The courses in Wokingham are different to the other courses we offer as they are focused on learning coping strategies for particular symptoms of mental health conditions.
  • How many people are in each class?
    The classes will be small, with usually between 6 and 10 people in each class.
  • Where are the classes held?
    We run courses at various locations. The main locations we use are Woodley Hill House in Earley, Bracknell & Wokingham College’s Church Road site in Bracknell, and Waingels College, as well as local community centres.
  • What time are the classes?
    Some classes begin in the morning, some begin in the afternoon, and some begin in the evening. Please let us know your availability when you talk to us and we can try to find a time that suits you.
  • I work during the day – will I be able to attend a course?
    We run courses during the evenings, so yes!
  • What support is available to me during the course?
    We offer up to 3 hours of one-on-one Information, Advice and Guidance. Your tutor will also support you with an Individual Learning Plan, which will be tailored to you. If you need any further support, the Wellbeing in Mind staff team will be able to signpost you to local organisations and health services that will be able to offer this.
  • I am already accessing mental health services – can I enrol on a course?
    Yes you can, as long as you fit the eligibility criteria.
  • Will enrolling on a course affect the benefits that I am entitled to?
    Not at all. The data you provide us is confidential.
  • I am eighteen but will be nineteen next week. Am I eligible?
    You are eligible if you are nineteen on the day the course starts. So if your course starts after your birthday, yes!
  • I am not sure if I am eligible. What do I do?
    When you come in before enrolling on a course, we will have a chat and go through a couple of questionnaires to see if you are eligible. If you think that you are right for these courses then there is a good chance that you will be, we just need to make sure that this is the right course for you.
  • What are the Information, Advice and Guidance sessions?
    Everyone who enrols on a Wellbeing in Mind course is entitled to up to three hours of one-on-one sessions with a member of the Wellbeing in Mind staff team, as well as their 15 hours of class time. This starts when we first invite you in for a chat before you start your course, and is offered once during and once after the course. During these sessions you will fill out mood and wellbeing questionnaires and chat to us about how you are finding the course, how you are feeling, how the course is helping you, or anything else that has arisen related to the project. We are here to listen, but it is important to remember that the person you will talk to is not a trained counsellor or therapist.
  • Why do I need to come in before I start the course?
    This is a chance for us to meet you and for you to decide if this is the course for you. We also need you to sign a consent form to say you have understood all the information about your course and the research project and are happy with us to collect data from you.
  • What happens if I can’t come in for a chat before my course?
    We need to make sure that this is the right course for you and get you to sign a consent form before we enrol you. In special circumstances we may be able to do this over the phone, but it is much better to meet you in person so you can get a feel for the venue. It will be an informal chat with our friendly staff. We can make any arrangements necessary for you – please let us know if there is anything we can do to accommodate you!
  • Why are the classes so long?
    The research criteria this year require volunteers to attend 15 hours of learning over 5 – 6 weeks. The classes are quite long but, don’t worry, they will move at a very relaxed pace and you can take breaks whenever you need to.
  • What will happen to the data you collect from me?
    All of the data we collect from you will be kept confidential and will be stored within the UK. The only people that have access to the data are the staff you will meet who are working on the project and our data analysis company. Once the data is sent to the data analysis company it will be anonymised and your name will be removed, so no one will know that the data belongs to you.

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