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The rise of the machines

We come across computers and gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops every day in a lot of the things we do and in the places we go. Being able to use different forms of technology - in an instant - is becoming vital.

Whether you’re a complete beginner in computing, want to get to know your iPad, would like to create a family newsletter or need to master Excel formulas - our courses can help.

Did you know?

  • More than half of the UK population uses Facebook – that’s just under 33 million active accounts
  • The number of Twitter users has now risen to just over 34 million
  • YouTube has over ten hours of footage uploaded onto its site every minute of every day.

Social media sites are a brilliant way to interact with friends, family and colleagues. And for small businesses, they’re great for finding information and connecting with customers.

All this instant online communication is helping people stay better connected. So why not make the most of its huge potential by improving your computer and web skills know-how with a part-time Bracknell & Wokingham College Computing & IT course?


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