Ceramics & Sculpture

Ceramics and Sculpture at Woodley Hill House

We all come into contact with ceramics every day of our life, from the home that we live in to our first cup of tea in the morning. Mankind has worked with ceramics for millennia; the earliest recorded evidence of clay usage dates back to the Late Palaeolithic period in central and western Europe. With Bracknell and Wokingham College you can create your own future antique through our ceramics and sculpting in clay courses and under the guidance of our expert tutors.

It is also known that working with ceramics can improve your wellbeing with the smooth and concentrated making movements slowing down your heart rate and creating a balance between the mind and body.

The Ceramics studio is well equipped with a range of equipment such as throwing wheels, extruder and slab roller, so you can explore and create a range of work, whether sculptural or functional. Whatever your ambitions you will be welcomed into our friendly and vibrant classes!  


  • Course title


    Show dates

  • Ceramics for All (5 Weeks)

    Adult - Leisure

  • Ceramics for All Term 2

    Adult - Leisure

  • Ceramics for All Term 3

    Adult - Leisure

  • Ceramics Top-Up Workshop

    Adult - Leisure

  • Ceramics - Christmas Lanterns and Decorations

    Adult - Leisure

  • Ceramics - Throwing on the Wheel

    Adult - Leisure

  • Sculpting in Clay Term 1

    Adult - Leisure

  • Sculpting in Clay Term 2

    Adult - Leisure

  • Sculpting in Clay Term 3

    Adult - Leisure


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