Student Charter

The Student Charter sets out the general principles of what is expected from our students, and what our students expect from us.

Our promise to you

Applying for your course

You'll have the chance to visit the college at one of our open events where you can meet staff, current and prospective students and have a good look around.
You'll be given all the information you need to understand the range of courses we offer, entry requirements, fees and other charges, financial assistance availabilities, student and learning services and all other facilities.

You'll have a personal interview with a subject course specialist who will give you advice about your course and its educational and employment benefits.

All applicants will be treated equally. Any learning difficulties and/or disabilities will be assessed and appropriate guidance and/or support given.

Enrolling – joining the college

  • You'll read information about enrolling
  • You'll get your course times and locations
  • You'll read information on travel, transport and bursaries
  • You can speak with our Student Services team on your enrolment day

Starting your course

  • You'll meet your tutor
  • You'll have a formal induction tailored to your course
  • You'll receive learning support
  • You'll have access to Student Services for any guidance, advice or counselling

During your course

  • You'll have qualified, experienced and committed lecturers, tutors and support staff
  • Your tutors and lecturers will be actively involved in your learning
  • You'll receive assignments and assessments, and your work will be returned with comments within an agreed time-scale
  • You'll have regular reviews and feedback on your progress
  • You'll have the opportunity to give your opinions of your course

After your course

  • You'll take away a college certificate if appropriate
  • You can request a reference to support your applications for further study or employment
  • You'll get advice about your future
  • You'll receive feedback on your progress and achievements

Your promise to us

  • You will be expected to take responsibility for your own learning.
  • You should attend regularly and punctually, and complete classwork and assignments on time.
  • You must submit your own work. Any work copied from another source without references will not be marked and may lead to disciplinary action.
  • You will be expected to treat staff and your fellow students with the same respect you would wish for yourself.

Get in contact

Ask our Enquiries & Admissions team by email or call on 01344 868600

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