​What is Prevent?

Prevent is part of the Government’s counter- terrorist strategy known as CONTEST.  Prevent aims to reduce the risk we face from terrorism, by stopping people becoming radicalised or supporting terrorism.  The strategy promotes collaboration and co-operation among organisations, in order to provide support to vulnerable individuals.

What does the role mean for Bracknell & Wokingham College?

The college is a key partner in Prevent, along with other educational establishments, government bodies, charitable organisations and private sector bodies.

The Prevent strategy focuses on identifying and working with vulnerable individuals who may be at risk of being exploited by radicalisers and subsequently drawn into terrorist-related activity

Prevent links to the college safeguarding framework which require all staff to exercise a duty of care to all students and, where necessary, to take action for safeguarding and crime prevention purposes.  This includes taking preventive action and supporting those individuals who are identified to be at risk of, or who are being, exploited and drawn into terrorist related activity.

What are we doing in College?

P - Promotion of Equality and Diversity and positive relationships between students.

R - Referral of any concerns via safeguarding staff to relevant authorities.

E - Education for students in lessons and tutorials.

V - Vetting and removal of any posters or other materials of an extremist nature.

E - Environment – a safe and secure site with CCTV, sufficient security procedures and online filters

N - News monitoring for any concerns in the locality

T - Training of staff to raise awareness of the signs and risks.   


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