Financial Support & Bursary

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Bursary application forms will be ready to download from the College website or can be picked up from Student Services in June 2018.

Bracknell & Wokingham College offers a range of options to help with the cost of courses. We also aim to help students from low income households with the cost of attending college.

Course Fees

Course fees can vary depending on your age, your personal circumstances and the type and level of course you want to study. Some students may be eligible for free course fees if they are under 19 or receive certain  benefits. You can check the exact fee for your course and whether you are eligible for government funding by contacting the admissions team.

If you do have a course fee to pay, you can pay in full at or before your enrolment.

Advanced Learning Loans

A government loan is available for those aged 19 and over (and resident in the UK) to help cover the costs of studying for an eligible course.

Tuition Fee Loans

Tuition fee loans are available to help you cover the cost of fees for HNCs, HNDs or Foundation Degrees. You must however make sure that a loan is the right option for you. If you are unsure you should seek independent financial advice.

The website is a good starting point.

Financial help for Students

Low Income Households

Many of our courses have an element of government funding and in some cases students may be able to receive their course for free. Unemployed students in receipt of some benefits may be entitled to have their fees waived and those with a total household income of under £31,000 can apply for financial support from our bursary funds (see below).

If you qualify for bursary support, assistance for students may be available in these  areas:

  • Meals: Lunch
  • Travel: Public transport
  • Essential Equipment and visits needed for your course
  • Fees: Help towards the cost of your course
  • Childcare (19+)

Learner Support Funds & Bursaries

The information below is for guidance only and outlines the financial support currently being offered to students. Full details of the financial support for the 2018-2019 academic year will be available once the new bursary forms are published.

The college offers a number of support funds and bursaries to help those from low income households  cover the costs of coming to college. lf your household income is under £21,000 per annum you may receive a contribution towards travel, meals, equipment and fees. lf between £21,000 and £31,00 per annum you may receive a contribution towards just travel. Contact Student Services for more information on the funds, eligibility and how to apply.

16-19 Bursary

A contribution towards the costs of travel, meals and essential materials for students aged 16, 17 or 18 with a household income is under £21,000 per annum. lf between £21,000 and £31,00 per annum you may receive a contribution towards just travel.

16-19 Vulnerable Bursary

A monthly bursary payment for 16-18 year old students who are in care, leaving care, or are in receipt of either income support, universal credit or both disability living allowance and employment and support allowance or PIP.

Childcare funding for 16·19 year old parents—Care to Learn

If you are aged 16-19 and are seeking funding to cover childcare costs while you study, you should apply directly to care to learn online at

The student services team at college can help you with your application.

19+ Bursary

A contribution towards the costs of travel, meals, childcare and essential materials for students aged over 19 with a household income is under £21,000 per annum. lf between £21,000 and £31,00 per annum you may receive a contribution towards travel.

Travel Cards

Bracknell & Wokingham College works in partnership with

  • Reading Buses,
  • Courtney Buses
  • South West Trains

Students who apply for a contribution to their travel costs through a bursary above, will be given a reduced fare card as part of their award if it is the cheapest way for them to travel. 

There will be a replacement charge if a card is lost.

In addition, all students can access discount fares with Courtney buses on production of their college I.D. card

College Nursery

The College Nursery, which is located within 5 minutes walk, is available to students who require childcare. Rates are available on request.

Useful links and Contacts

Student Services Team
01344 766500


College Nursery
01344 371821

Advanced Learning Loans

Tuition Fee Loans
These are for higher education courses such as - Degrees, Foundation Degrees, HNC and HND

To find out more about the different bursaries use the menu on the left.

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